Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ranch porches and entrances

Ranch houses were popular in the 50's and 60's and offer an economical choice for basic solid construction, but have grown out of favor because their design limitations.   Our home is a 1951 ranch-style, nestled nicely into the landscape.  The builders broke up the visual effect of the typical long ranch  front by extending the living room slightly forward,  necessitating a slight increase and break in the roof line.  The front doorway is modest with a small stone landing and brick steps.  Although this is fairly typical in New England, I eventually want to make that entrance area a bit larger and more inviting.

My client's ranch-style home with existing porch
One of my clients recently asked me to sketch a possible modification to his own small ranch home, which has a shed type roof over a narrow front porch.  I took a photo of the house and modified it with Photoshop to show how it might look with a gable over the porch instead of the shed roof.  Eventually the client decided to keep the porch the same and we did some other nice interior renovations instead.

Photoshopped mockup for house with gable porch roof

This mock-up shows how the house would look if the shed roof over the porch were converted to a gable style.  The owners have done a nice job with landscaping the front, and the installation of the front entrance and porch are a nice break from the usual lines of ranch houses.

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